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Chinese Name in Japanese 2015/5/5 22:43

I know you get a lot of these questions so i apologize in advance but:-

Just wondering what i would call myself while preserving my chinese name.

My chinese name is:
surname 熊, given 高達

From dictionaries online, it seems inconclusive, especially as to which reading of each character i should use

熊 = Yuu? Kuma?
高 = Kou? Taka?
達 = Tachi? Da? Tatsu?

In particular... I'm trying to make my surname sound surnamey and given name sound given namey (at least, not misleading)... Seems particuarly difficult (e.g. Takada seems to be a surname?)

by Kevin (guest)  

Re: Chinese Name in Japanese 2015/5/6 16:10
熊 = Yuu 高 = Gao 達 = Tatsu, ユウ・ガオ・タツ, sounds okay if you like it.
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Re: Chinese Name in Japanese 2015/5/7 03:47
You should try and follow the on'yomi reading (pronunciation that originated from China) for your name seeing as it is Chinese.

Yuu Kou Da = 熊高達 (ユウコウダ)
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