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Good manga for beginner/intermediate? 2015/5/11 03:02
I am a 20-year-old girl, learning Japanese. As I want to improve my reading comprehension, I am looking into buying some Japanese manga, but with so many titles, I am not sure what to choose.

My vocabulary level is currently at about N3, however my grammar and kanji knowledge is more like N4. Though from what I have heard, many manga have furigana even for "easier" kanji.

I am interested in different genres, not just girly stuff (but I don't mind it either). The only thing I would prefer is to read something that's not for totally little kids, but maybe middle/high school aged or so. I want something that will challenge me a little, but not be too hard either.

I would love to hear some suggestions for good manga at my level. I would prefer to order from YesAsia so titles on there are preferred, but I think they have a huge selection anyways.
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Re: Good manga for beginner/intermediate? 2015/5/11 11:07
If you already read manga translated, just start with one you like (you can use for example Amazon previews to see if it has furigana).

Otherwise, my personal favourites are よつばと! and クロス・ゲーム.
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Re: Good manga for beginner/intermediate? 2015/5/11 19:57
Manga is not the best of learning aid, in the sense that they are full of colloquial expressions, slangs, words chopped off, that you cannot find in dictionaries or textbooks (which adds to the fun too, I admit of course :)). You might want to have a look at Hiragana Times (some information available online) - they cover contemporary topics, with "multi-level" text, meaning they have furigana and cater to different levels of learners. Enjoy learning!
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Re: Good manga for beginner/intermediate? 2015/5/11 21:28
Manga are of course not study tools, and should not be used as such. However, it's precisely because they contain all those contraction and colloquialisms that they are great
learning tools, because you'll have to get used to those unless you want to speak like a newspaper all your life. When you don't understand something, just ask someone more advanced, or Google.
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Re: Good manga for beginner/intermediate? 2015/5/11 22:24
I guess I have seen too many learners focused too much on what they believed to be "real life" language, before they got the grammar structures covered sufficiently, so that some ended up with somewhat "broken" Japanese. And people learn the language for different reasons, where "broken" just won't do.

Manga can be one of the learning tools if you are in Japan, for example, and are getting plenty of exposure to other types of Japanese language in general, but not the best to be selected when you are studying outside Japanese communities. That's all I wanted to say.
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Re: Good manga for beginner/intermediate? 2015/5/12 12:16
I am Japanese.
And I do not know what became the study of English, Nodame Cantabile was interesting.
I read in a series called KODANSHA BILINGUAL COMICS.
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