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What to say in a restaurant 2015/5/20 06:00
hello friends.I have a question. which is the correct and proper way to say (check Please)? i seen it your way in youtube and seen other's as well. Im confused. Thank you in advance
O Kaikei Onegaishimasu
O Kanjou o Onegaihsimasu
Kanjo Onegaishimasu
O Kanjou Wo Onegaishimasu
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Re: What to say in a restaurant 2015/5/20 11:57
O Kaikei Onegaishimasu(standard)
O Kanjou o Onegaihsimasu(formal)
O Kanjou Wo Onegaishimasu(formal)

Kanjo Onegaishimasu(informa,l but they will understand)
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Re: What to say in a restaurant 2015/5/20 22:42
O kanjou o Onegaishimasu
O kanjou wo Onegaishimasu

These are both the same. Wo and o are simply different ways of romanizing the hiragana character を.

Although o kaikei onegaishimasu is the standard and probably the most common, but that probably doesn't make it "the correct and proper way". I believe that any of those are acceptable, along with okanjousho onegaishimasu.
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