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This SFX 2015/5/23 21:48
What is the second katakana character in this sfx? I know the one in the top left is a DO, but I can't tell what the other one is.

by Luke (guest)  

Re: This SFX 2015/5/24 15:42
Most probably ウ (u). Initially I thought it could be カ (ka) but not quite.
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Re: This SFX 2015/5/24 15:45
That's what I thought too. . . But I haven't ever really seen "ドウ" on anything before. Obviously it's some kind of explosion. . . but it's the first I've seen it.
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Re: This SFX 2015/5/27 16:49
Yes, it's ドウ.
It means a short and heavy sound of the shock or the gunfire.
For example in SF, the sound of the laser-gun shots of the space battleship.
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