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'Rokujochigusa'? 2005/1/3 08:14
I recently came across a website which listed various Japanese surnames, and one of these was 'Rokujochigusa'. I was just wondering if anyone has ever come across this name, because once I saw it I realized I had never heard of it. Also it looks like two names together, which makes me wonder if it was a mistake on the website. Is it just a name no-one has anymore, or is it just rather uncommon? Thanks in advance for any information.
by Ashiyura  

looks like two names together 2005/1/3 17:08
Chigusa sounds like woman's first name.
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. 2005/1/3 17:57
I guess two family names Rokujo and Chigusa were written without space.

If it should really exist as a family name, it is very uncommon and sounds like a noble family name whose ancestors were in the aristocracy.
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... 2008/4/27 06:01
I happen to have this surname. So, no, it wasn't a mistake ^_^

I haven't heard of anyone else with Rokujochigusa as their surname apart from my dad's family.
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Roots 2008/4/29 11:10
What's your roots in Japan if you don't mind my asking?
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