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Methods for learning to read and write kanji? 2015/5/29 05:20
I have been learning Japanese for a year and while I'm quite confident in my vocabulary (I am currently learning N3 vocabulary) and grammar, I have not yet seriously started learning kanji (though I do know most N5 kanji from use, at least reading them). Now that I have decided to tackle the issue, I am a bit confused as to where to start.

I like using flashcard apps for learning vocabulary, however I feel it is not really sufficient for learning kanji as I would not only like to read it, but also write it. However, if I just practice writing every kanji many times, I think I will quickly forget the meaning and the reading, even if I remember the strokes themselves.

I am also unsure about the order of learning. There seem to be many suggestions where to start (JLPT levels, Japanese grades, KanjiDamage order...) and each of them has their reasonings, so I have no idea what to actually do.

I would love to hear some suggestions to help with this scary task of learning kanji ;)
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Re: Methods for learning to read and write kanji? 2015/5/29 12:45
The flashcards app I use (Flashcards Deluxe on iPhone) can have a drawing area at the bottom of the screen where you can draw things like kanji.

I started with my textbook's ordering, and when that was done I switched to grade ordering. Note that contrary to a common misconception, there is no (official) JLPT list of kanji (or of anything else, for that matter).
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