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One little translation 2015/5/30 06:23
So, I'm a fresh Japanese student and I need help in translation. Bigger picture. I was absent on the last week lessons, and on the next lesson I want to as our secondary teacher, to check my last week exercises which I have done alone during this week. Now... She speak only Japanese so you can see I might a have a little bit of problem here. Strictly speaking it has to be simple, i came up with something like this.

"I was absent last week, so please check my last week exercises"

And in japanese (sorry it's in romanji - I'm just that tired, it's almost midnight in my country right now).

"Senshu watashiwa fuzaino desu. Sorekara senshuno benkyou suruo checku onegaishimasu."

And now, Is it correct? And if not, what should I change and why. I know it's asking a lot, but I don't really know where to ask and my book isn't really helping at all. Sorry to be a burden...
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Re: One little translation 2015/5/30 11:12
"I was absent last week, so please check my last week exercises"

I would use the verb "yasumu/yasumimasu" for "to be absent (from something)" rather than "fuzai" - this is more like not present at home or office.
"yasumimasu" turns into "yasumimashita" when you talk about the past.
I would say "I was absent from class/lesson." "Jugyou" is the word for "lesson."

- Senshuu watashi wa jugyou wo yasumimashita.

If you want to use the word "fuzai," it should be:
- Senshu watashi wa fuzai deshita.
"deshita" is the past ta-form of "desu."

For the second sentence, does the textbook provide a series of "exercises" or "practice sentences" that you are supposed to compose on your own, or fill in blanks? That' what I am assuming here.
I will use the word "enshuu" for "exercises." I am using the expression "to do the exercise," "enshuu wo suru/shimasu."

- Senshu no enshuu wo shimashita node, chekku wo onegaishimasu.

I don't know how far into the basic textbook you are, so I kept it relatively simple :)
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