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Okinawa nightlife 2005/1/3 13:52
I'm moving to Okinawa in a few weeks, 29 y.o., any suggestions on bars and nightlife? Looking for relaxed but social environments with good music, good beer.
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fuji's 2005/1/23 19:03
dude, just go to gate 2! if your a marine, you can take the greenline to foster, and jump in a hancho and say "gate 2" if your in the air force, your already right there, just walk out the gate. if you a civilian, just remember "gate 2" and ask someone how to get there
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Night Life 2005/1/27 13:09
Alright dude, Gate 2 Street is cool, especially fujis. but there are other places you can go that are just as cool and you can meet Japanese people. That way you can learn a little about the culture and language. The bars called Izakaya are good for that. you will know when you see one. they have little orange lamps outside. Trust me I have been in okinawa for more than 2 years, and it is much better to get out and learn about japan than go party on gate 2 street.
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It was pretty dead 2005/2/6 01:03
Maybe I hit it too early or it's all the deployments, but Gate 2 street was pretty dead when I got there. I'll give it another shot. Heard a guy died at Fujiyama's a little while ago...
Any other suggestions? I live in plaza housing between Foster and Kadena. Jason, any izakayas in particular?
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Izakaya 2005/3/3 13:02
theres all kinds of Izakayas all over Foster, best one I went to was in Chatan but not frequented by alot of Americans, so go with a Okinawan and the Japanese will be more likely to befriend you or maybe even buy you a beer or two. If you go there with alot of Americans you obviously will stand out but not in a good way. Americans tend to get rowdy and loud when with there buds and drinkin, it'll just make us look bad. I left Okinawa after 2years last feb but will return again in a few years cause I miss it too much and still have too many Okinawan friends there. I met one girl that took me everywhere when I didnt have a car an even payed even though it made me feel soooo bad. Try to stay away from American areas an venture off somewhere away from bases around no english, Okinawans are very friendly an will help you to understand. One time I was very far away from bases an ended up near a fishin village with my friend, and the guy offered to take us fishing on his boat and even payed for our lunch, after I told him I love Okinawa food.
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Okinawan live music 2007/5/15 14:29
and while you are answering the previous question, please think on this one.

Any place to go and hear actual Okinawan music - jamisen, singing, and all that - performed live in Okinawa or any of the islands?

By way of comparison, I know a bar in northern Tohoku (Hirosaki) where local musicians gather and you can see old and young people singing and playing fierce down-home bluesy shamisen, while eating shrimp rings and drinking pints. A real roadside bar, with real local music.

Would love to find something similar down south.
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I'll see u there 2007/5/16 00:39
ES, maybe I'll see you there.
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... 2007/5/20 08:35
Any place to go and hear actual Okinawan music - jamisen, singing, and all that - performed live in Okinawa or any of the islands?

There are many restaurants with live music, especially in Naha. Very similar to the one in Hirosaki (I think I have been to the same one as you).

See the following thread:
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Great 2007/5/20 13:41
Awesome info - thank you Ujisama!
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Great Bar in Naha 2007/5/23 09:49
There is a Canadian owned bar in Naha, Okinawa. Mostly, expats and english teachers. Met Mike, a really friendly guy. www.okinawaspirit.com
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to the 29 y.o 2007/12/8 10:29
to the 29 y.o moving to okinawa, try 69beach its an awesome layed bar rite on the beach. good drinks good music awesome people
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Party Bus! 2008/6/26 11:49
A company called "Parties International" does a party bus that's pretty rad. They tour you around and show you what's what, stop at a few places, and have an open bar with cute cocktail waitresses.

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