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Common Shopping Phrases 2015/6/2 13:21
I am deep in learning the language. I wanted to start a phrase book for certain situations. For this post, I would like to clarify some shopping phrases!

I know people will say use google translate , but this is a poor translator at best. I would love to hear these from an advanced student or even better a native speaker!

please translate...

1. Can I pay with a credit card?

2. Would this be tax free?

3. Can you make change?

4. Do you ship to America?

5.How much would this cost to ship?

6. Can you send this to my hotel?

7. What time do you close?

8. What are your hours?

9. Do you have a bag?

by Will Lazarus  

Re: Common Shopping Phrases 2015/6/2 19:54
Sorry to say I'm not a native speaker, but I live in Japan and can get by, and I'm pretty certain with respect to these:

7. 何時まで(ですか) - nanji made (desu ka). This is pretty bare-bones, but I don't see any reason to depart from it.

9. I have never had to ask for a bag in Japan (things are generally overpackaged) but why not simply 袋を一枚ください (fukuro wo ichimai kudasai)?

Happy to be corrected.
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Re: Common Shopping Phrases 2015/6/2 21:51
I will keep the sentences relatively short :)

1. Kaado de ii desu ka? (OK with card?)

2. Menzei ni narimasu ka?
Usually, shops that can provide duty-free shopping will have a sign saying so... and duty-free is limited to certain shops and merchandise, so you might want to look them up beforehand.

3. Ryougae wo onegai dekimasu ka? (Can I ask you to make change?)
I assume change from a big bill to smaller bills and some coins - most shops don't do it. For a change, I would walk into a convenience store, buy a pack of chewing gum or something small, and just pay with a big bill.

4. Amerika ni hassou wo onegai dekimasu ka? (Can I ask you to ship to the US?)

5. Souryou wa dono kurai kakarimasu ka?

6. Watashi no hoteru made okutte moraemasu ka?

8. Eigyou jikan wa? (Your business hours?)
Nan-ji kara nan-ji made aite imasu ka? (From what time till what time are you open?)
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Re: Common Shopping Phrases 2015/6/3 01:30
One way to get change from a large banknote is to buy a low-value rail ticket from a vending machine. Or add the minimum amount to your Suica or other card.

Another method is to buy a drink from a vending machine using the largest denomination the machine accepts.

While it seems strange to foreigners, using large bills to pay for small purchases in convenience stores, or almost any store, is no big deal to the Japanese.
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