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Help with short casual conversation 2015/6/3 22:15
Hello! I've been studying Japanese for a while, and am making an effort to read some casual kind of stuff. I've been reading a girl's kind of comic (real girly stuff :p), and am trying to understand this passage. This is some instant-messaging between the two characters. (it was hard to type out - hope I got it right).

The background is, Akiko lives in a foreign country with her partner Tom, but is having a rough patch in the relationship. Her friend Mayuri also lives in the country, but has travelled back to Japan for a few months, and will return to Akiko's country in a few weeks.

The bits I'm not sure of are in-line:

Mayuri: ありがとう。みなちゃんには、帰ったらすぐにあの家を出るからみといて~って言ってる (笑)。 まあ~ さやかちゃんには話したけど、キモいって (苦笑)
Mayuri: 不動産系ってなんて探すんやろか。今ウェブサイトでもあるみたいやんね。

Akiko: うん、ごめんね~だって姉さんいなくなってもう2ヶ月も経っちゃって記憶があやふやになっちゃって...お帰りをお待ちしてるよ
Akiko: あと私とトムの関係も最悪になっちゃって

Is this saying "The relationship of me and Tom will become terrible"?

Akiko: 最近夜遅くまで色々徘徊してるの 笑
"Recently, until late at night, various...."? What's "haikai" in this context?

Mayuri: えー! そうなん? 今日夜電話しよか? 徘徊って。。。大丈夫??
There's "haikai" again.

Akiko: 大丈夫だけど色々ね。。まー私が劇冷め。。。
"iroiro ne...maa, watashi ga gekisame" - I play cool or something? In this context, is it referring to cheating on Tom? Seems so phrasal.

Akiko: もう2ヶ月ぐらい家で夕食ほぼしてないの

Mayuri: えー! あれからずっと? (苦笑)
マジで? 冷めてたやん。すでに。。。

"sameteta yan. sudeni..." - Seems like "Had shark. Already...". In this context, what is this referring to?

Mayuri: トムも何も無いの??
Literally "also nothing in Tom?". But contextually, what could this mean?

Mayuri: えー私帰ったらえみこさんが日本帰るとかなるとか嫌やで。

Akiko: へへへっ。 ビザ2月にきれるし。 爆!!

So Akiko has to renew a visa in February. That's the kanji for "explosion" at the end. Does this mean Akiko has been making a big joke to Mayuri about the whole passage?

Really thanks in advance for any help. I've avoided this kind of casual-language practice for so long, and really need to improve.
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Re: Help with short casual conversation 2015/6/4 09:02
Akiko: あと私とトムの関係も最悪になっちゃって
- The relationship between me and Tom has become terrible

Akiko: 最近夜遅くまで色々徘徊してるの 笑
- Recently I am roaming around various places until late lol

Mayuri: えー! そうなん? 今日夜電話しよか? 徘徊って。。。大丈夫??
- Ohhh, is that so?? Should I call you tonight? Roaming... are you OK?

Akiko: 大丈夫だけど色々ね。。まー私が劇冷め。。。
- I'm OK, but there are things and stuff. Well, I completely lost interest...
"sameru" is a verb meaning "to cool down," and "to lose interest (in boyfriend/girlfriend)." "geki-" is like "super-" in a very colloquial expression.

Mayuri: マジで? 冷めてたやん。すでに。。。
Serious? I thought you'd lost interest already...
Once again, "samete (i)ta" comes from "sameru." "...te ta yan" is a Kansai dialect.

Mayuri: トムも何も無いの??
Either "NOthing from Tom?" or "Tom is not having an affair?" etc., you can never tell what this means :)

爆 is short for 爆笑, LOL. No, she was not joking, but just laughing off the whole helpless situation.
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Re: Help with short casual conversation 2015/6/7 12:44
Wow, thanks for the helpful reply AK. At least I wasn't too far off with my understanding.

To finish off, I have one further small snippet. Basically, what's the gist here? Is Akiko going to send some kind of English story/writing to Mayuri?

Akiko: こないだ言ってた話だねー? いやあどうだろう。。。今までさわったことない領域だからなー。 結構話進んでるの?
Mayuri: いや、英語力?理解出来るかどうか。ちょこちょこっと。後はオーナーだけ。。。
Akiko: そうなのね!できる限り力にはなりたいと思うけど、なんか話が大きくて私なんかでできるのかって、それだけ心配だよ!でも、すごいね!
Mayuri: まだ、全然わかんないけどねー。誰か、一緒に働きたい人が居たらって言われたけど。。。出てきませんって (笑)

The bit about "今までさわったことない領域だからなー" - Is she referring to emotionally touched?

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Re: Help with short casual conversation 2015/6/7 13:44
I can't tell... it sounds like Akiko is trying to help Mayumi with some work that requires English language capability, and neither is sure if they can do it?

"That's an area I've never touched/got involved before..." referring to whatever job they are thinking of doing.
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