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I'm forgetting how to speak Japanese 2015/6/8 05:20

I studied Japanese for 3 years in highschool which was amazing and my favorite class. I taught myself for a year before I started formal Japanese classes in my highschool. I came into my first year of Japanese class already reading hiragana and already knew quite a lot. I did so well my first 2 years of highschool Japanese that my teacher recommended I skip a level for my last year of highschool. I had Japanese classes 5 days a week for about 50 minutes a day, which was great and I learned a lot. By the time I finished 3 years of highschool level Japanese I could read and write hiragana and katakana fluently as well as some kanji, and hold very basic conversations. My Japanese teachers in highschool were amazing. I didn't have the chance to take formal Japanese classes since. I watch anime, listen to music, and whatever else I can find in Japanese on Youtube to atleast be immersed. I just recently got back into learning Japanese on my own more regularly. I practice reading, writing and listening almost 24/7. Everything but speaking seems to be coming back to me. I find Japanese grammar and sentence structure really easy to learn. Everyone says Japanese is hard, but I've had a much easier time learning Japanese over French and Hebrew. I don't know when I'll next be able to take formal classes. I really miss the formal structure of 50 minutes a day, 5 days a week that I had in highschool. Any advice or tips on what to do?
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Re: I'm forgetting how to speak Japanese 2015/6/8 11:52
Ask your Japanese teacher for more info.
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Re: I'm forgetting how to speak Japanese 2015/6/8 12:41
Find a Japanese speaking partner and practice. Just Google it, there are plenty. Some are private individuals and some are teachers in language schools. Prices range from free and up.
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Re: I'm forgetting how to speak Japanese 2015/6/9 14:50
I'm running into the same problem. The only way to keep up your language skill is to keep it in use. Look for a Japanese cultural centre in your city. A lot of places will have informal meet ups for people to get together to speak to each other in Japanese.
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Re: I'm forgetting how to speak Japanese 2015/6/9 15:23
I'm looking for places in my area and haven't found any yet.
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