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Self studying Japanese 2015/6/15 09:51
Hi everyone. I'm a halfu and I live in California. I've been to Japan a couple times but I can't read, write or speak any Japanese. Maybe a couple words.. Not much.
My mind is 100% set on learning the language. Starting now.
I picked up a hiragana and katakana workbook today and started doing a lot of research on different self study textbooks.
I'm going to be ordering whatever I need online.
Here's what I thought were good picks.

Genki 2nd edition with workbook and answer key
Living Language Japanese
Primsleur 3rd edition (kind of pricey though)
Japanese From Zero
And then of course there is Tim Kae's guide.

You guys with experience, what books do you think I should pick up to get myself started? I'm 19 by the way but I'm commited to learning Japanese.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to some real responses.

by Jason (guest)  

Re: Self studying Japanese 2015/6/15 12:59
Self study works for some people and doesn't work for others. I'm not saying it won't work for you, but have you considered checking local colleges to see if they offer Japanese intro courses? It could potentially be more beneficial, especially when it comes to speaking and listening.
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Re: Self studying Japanese 2015/6/15 14:26
Genki alone should be sufficient for a start. I agree with the suggestion to check local colleges for Japanese courses, but if that's not possible, studying from a textbook which is used in such courses, such as Genki, is the next best thing. The only things you will lose are classmates and an instructor to interact with in Japanese, and to ask questions to, but in the age of the Internet, both can be found elsewhere.
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Re: Self studying Japanese 2015/6/17 17:11
I've had a lot of success with the "Yookoso!" texts, but they are college-textbook priced. Excellent grammar explanations though.

For beginning self-study there is actually a huge series of video lessons available online thanks to Georgia that start at zero ability and very slowly work up:

"Erin's Challenge" website can also be enjoyable, with quite a lot of interactive games and things, though I think its difficulty might be a bit high for total beginners:
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Re: Self studying Japanese 2015/6/19 01:07
Thanks for the replies.
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Re: Self studying Japanese 2015/6/21 17:55
I am self studying at the moment too. I cannot help with the textbook selection, but I do suggest, to start with, stick to one or two textbooks at most. Don't get too greedy at the start, and you will have a better momentum.

Also I suggest you set yourself a clear goal. That is what I find anyway when I self study, because no one is there to force or test you. I am going to register for the JLPT exam this December. That is how I am motivating myself. Because once you are committed to an exam and you have paid the fees etc., you have a clear goal to work for..
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Re: Self studying Japanese 2015/6/21 18:07
Taking the JLPT just to have a goal seems like throwing money out the window, especially since complete test materials are distributed for much cheaper (or even free) as practice materials. Those should be sufficient to determine at which level you stand.

Remember that your goal in learning Japanese is not to pass standardised tests (or at least I would hope so...) but to be able to communicate in Japanese in some form or other.
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Re: Self studying Japanese 2015/6/21 19:25
Here's how I studied Japanese on my own:

Maybe there are some tips and methods that might work for you as well. :)
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