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Mee Mogu-Kiddieland-Tokyo 2005/1/5 11:35
My friend just bought me a mogu from kiddieland in tokyo, it's called a Mee Mogu, and I was wondering if there is a way to purchase these in the US? I went to the website www.polygons.tv, but it is in Japanese. It's so cute, you can poke in the ears, hands, and legs! I want a GIANT one! HELP
by Marisa  

have you found one? 2006/3/9 21:08
Hi, I am from germany and have the same problem. Have you found one yet? maybe you can help me now. They are so cute....

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mee mogu 2006/3/10 14:31
www.polygons.tv is just the designing company for Mee Mogu, the manufacturer of Mogu is Ebisukasei Co., Ltd.


How about contacting them and make an inquiry about Mee Mogu?
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mogu people 2006/10/2 05:41
Hi, i'm living in the Netherlands en i just have by a doll. Its the Mogu Succes. Here in the Netherlands you can't by them. I have by the doll from someone who had 1 exemple. I want to now how i can by them en how i can sell them in my country.
Please react.
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mee mogu 2008/5/14 04:50
I hear there is a store in Atlanta, GA that sells them. I have a small red one, but my friend who lives in japan got it for me.
MAYBE--check eBay.
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