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JR East Pass and Fruit Tea Train 2015/6/18 17:13

I was wondering if fruit tea train is fully or partially covered by JR East pass?

I just stumble on a train while browsing and seem interesting.

Many thanks!
by Simon (guest)  

Re: JR East Pass and Fruit Tea Train 2015/6/18 17:31
The official page doesn't mention whether it is covered by any passes, but considering it is a special run train with no English info then probably not. Note that you can't just buy tickets for the train and have to purchase them as part of a special Sweet Set ticket.

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Re: JR East Pass and Fruit Tea Train 2015/6/19 09:29
I can throw a little more light on this, but cannot say if it is covered by the Japan Rail Pass. You could ring East Japan Railway Co. Sendai Branch and ask .

I watched a TV programme promoting this just about a month ago.. it is a cafe on wheels, 2 carriages, and designed to draw people back to the Fukushima area, after the disaster of 2011. They call it the FruiTea train and it runs between Koriyama and Aizuwakamatsu, and started April 2015.

As well as this FruiTea train they are also doing dining on specific days..... sounds a really interesting journey.
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Re: JR East Pass and Fruit Tea Train 2015/6/19 18:59
Thanks yllwsmrf and Love Guest for your input.

I was thinking that it might cover the basics fares and I pay extra for whatever special fares it might be. As its operated by JR East.

The plan is to travel Niigata- Aizuwakamatsu by steam loco and connect the fruitea train to Koriyama. Yes the journey sound really interesting with nice scenery, seating comfortably with food and drinks.
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