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Kurozu 2015/7/1 01:22
I am interested in Kurozu and the health benefits. Do you Japanese people drink it ? What are the benefits ?
by jmacku  

Re: Kurozu 2015/7/1 13:11
It is said to be effective in relieving fatigue and diet.
In big supermarkets, they are sold are several Kurozu drink.
I have ordered what dilute with water in mail order.
Not very sour, it was easy to drink.
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Re: Kurozu 2015/7/1 19:02
Not only used in drinks, but it is used for cooking for flavour and making meat tender.
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Re: Kurozu 2015/7/1 19:36
of course. not.
that is the company's advertise.
it is called NHi, health food.
most of NHi are meaning-less scientifically. just they are not harmful.
since the takers believe that food make them healthy, they feels better.
it is just the same effect like religions. Those who believe shall be saved.
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