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Phrases for train tickets 2015/7/8 18:17
Looking for a page where I can find useful phrases when visiting the Midori no Madoguchi, like when cancelling tickets, reserving, changing Date, time, etc... In case I want to make myself understood when English is no use.

Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Phrases for train tickets 2015/7/8 19:26
JR staff tend to have enough English.

Train numbers, and times (from Hyperdia) is all you need (in fact, you'll be just fine if all you have is the destination).
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Re: Phrases for train tickets 2015/7/8 19:44
It is recommended to write down the date, either train number/time or approximate time of departure, station names (boarding and destination), for how many people, etc., on a piece of paper and show.

If you want to use phrases, the simplest ones are:

- Yoyaku wo onegaishimasu. (Reserveation please.)
- Kyanseru wo onegaishimasu. (Cancellation please.)
- Henkou wo onegaishimasu. (Change please.)
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