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Translation help please? 2015/7/11 21:02
Hi guys, I received this letter from one of the companies that I have applied a credit card from, but my Japanese isn't up to the par yet so I have trouble understanding it. Hopefully there's someone here kind enough to translate this for me?

I don't need word for word translation, just the general idea would be good enough as I don't want to impose too much on you guys. I understand that this isn't a translation site...but I'm kinda desperate as I have been waiting to get a credit card in Japan for some time. I've tried Google translate but I'm barely making sense from it, so hopefully someone can shed some light here.

It starts off with the usual "thank you for applying from our company etc (I can at least understand that much)..and then it goes on to say this:


せっかくのお申込みにもかかわらず、貴意に添えず誠に恐縮ではございますが、お手元の[Company XXX カード]を引き続きご利用くださいますようお願い申し上げます。

Thank you in advance to any kind-hearted souls here. :)
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Re: Translation help please? 2015/7/12 10:51
Thank you for your order of credit card.
Unfortunately, the bank is unable to approve your application.
We apologize for your inconvenience. Please continue to use [Company XXX card] as your transaction.
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Re: Translation help please? 2015/7/12 15:09
Is that a bank that you applied with? Since it says "please continue to use XXX card..." I thought it might be a retailer, and you might have their house card (for shopping at that store only) already. Or it might have been a bank, with which you have an account (so an ATM card).

If you need either a credit or debit card with international brand on it, check if your bank has a Visa debit card.
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Re: Translation help please? 2015/7/12 19:59
Thanks for the translation tokyo friend. Much appreciated. :)

It's a bummer that it got rejected, but I guess I should try again in the future once I've built up my credibility in the country.

AK, I applied the card from a supermarket chain, so yes, it's from a retailer as I heard that it's slightly easier obtain compared to banks. I'll look into applying for a debit card instead. Hopefully it's a much more straightforward process...since it'll be money from my own account that I'm using.
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Re: Translation help please? 2015/7/12 21:25
I think you can make a Visa debit card from Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank which I own if you are a 16 yrs or older. Risona, Suruga and Rakuten banks also accept Visa debit system.
Visa debit is a prepaid transaction system therefore it can be accepted easily.
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Re: Translation help please? 2015/7/12 21:44
Thanks for the suggestions. I've just applied online from Rakuten bank. Fingers crossed that it works out.
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