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Can someone help me translate my song? 2015/7/22 16:54
Hi, I wrote a song for me and my friends but en if it rhymes in english, I would like to hear it in japanese (i know the same words wont rhyme) because im sure it would sound better, please translate these sentences in particular:

You are the reason why I smle every season,
When flowers die you still make me smile,
You are the reason (you are), a bright shining beacon,
Why I still smile when days are dark,

thats it, btw, the "you are" in brackets isnt actually in the lyrics but i added that just in case it helped you translate. And also, if you dont mind the extra work but id like to know what the japanese words mean, etc. Id like to see them in characters as well if u dont mind.

thanks in advance.
by nyanya24  

Re: Can someone help me translate my song? 2015/7/23 08:42
Sorry I made some mistakes the "en" was supposed to be "eve". It's kinda difficult typing on the phone and also:

You are the reason I *smile (not smle, sorry)

and another line i made a mistake was:

You are the reason I smile, (you are) a bright shining beacon

the "you are" is after the comma
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