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Sake in Akita city 2015/7/26 14:05
I heard that Akita has some of the best local sake in Japan.

- as I will also be visiting Nagoya city after Akita city, which is a better place to buy sake ?
(quality and price wise)

- which is the best shop to buy sake in Akita city ?

Thank you.
by lifesucketh  

Re: Sake in Akita city 2015/7/29 01:31
Sorry, I have never been to Akita city.
but,this store looks good at Akita station.
This store sells Sake set in limited edition.

ΐX[Ishikawa Saketen]
Eopne from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Eopen every day of the year


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Re: Sake in Akita city 2015/7/31 22:47
Thank you Yusuke; I will certainly pop into the shop especially since it so conveniently located.

Has anyone been to the Prefectural Goods Shop (basement of the Atorion Concert Hall) ?
Do they also sell a wide variety of good sake ?

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Re: Sake in Akita city 2015/8/1 07:11
I don't know where to buy it but sake called Akita Bijin (Akita Beauty) is so super good! Try to find it if you're going to Akita.
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Re: Sake in Akita city 2015/8/3 18:32

I recommend Fukukomachi.
Even the cheapest range from them has excellent taste.


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