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Translate a sentance 2015/7/27 17:47
Need help to write a sentance from english to japanese.

"i´m glad i fell in love with you".
Need it with the right "alfphabet".

The sentance is from te serie "akame ga kill". If you need the right context you can find it here:
start from 3.51
by Tom Holmquist (guest)  

Re: Translate a sentance 2015/7/28 12:45
I'm asking without watching the video - is it said by a guy to a girl, or vice versa? Also, do you have other conversation surrounding these characters in Japanese? The choice of pronouns and the tone can be important.
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Re: Translate a sentance 2015/7/29 00:59
I watched this anime.

This sentence is written by japanese in the anime

This sentence is written by alphabet  
"Watashi Tatsumi nokoto sukini natte yokatta"
※Watashi is "I", Tatsumi is boy(you)

I'm sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.
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