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Translation help 2015/7/28 10:08

Can someone please at least give me an idea what this could mean?
by Kanjiran  

Re: Translation help 2015/7/28 11:53
「掘え膳 食わぬ は 男の 恥」と いう 諺を 知って いる かい?
諺 = kotowaza, meaning a proverb/saying.

So already you can figure out: "Do you know a proverb that goes "... ..."?

- Do you know a proverb/saying that goes "not eating a meal ready & set up for you is a man's shame"?

I gave a literal translation of the proverb above. What this proverb means is "not accepting a woman's approach is a man's shame," and this "approach" is in a sexual way.

There is a more recent (and more decent, I must say) version of this proverb saying the contrary - accepting a woman's approach (only because you got approached) is a man's shame :)
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Re: Translation help 2015/7/28 12:57
Thank you so much, now I understood!
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