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Helping with a Japanese word 2015/7/30 03:51
Hello :)

I want to make a tatoo with the name "Dan" or "Dani".

Can someone help me out how to write that in japanese?

Thanks you!

by Amit (guest)  

Re: Helping with a Japanese word 2015/7/30 15:15
If you want it written out in katakana (phonetic writing used for non-Japanese names), Dan would be: ダン (da - n)
Dani would be: ダニー (da - ni- i)

I would make sure that you include the long bar at the end of "Dani" (the second syllable pronounced as a long "ee") because without the long sound the Japanese meaning is "tick/mite" (the bug, I mean).

Please think twice before getting any tattoo in a language you don't understand, and IF YOU MUST, be sure you know a tattooist who knows the language, so they know the right nice-looking font do do it in, and so they don't make any mistake like omitting any dots and bars...
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Re: Helping with a Japanese word 2015/8/1 15:03
These read as 'dani': 壁蝨 or 駄荷, but before you start liking them, the first one translates as tick or mite, the second one as a horse load. I'm just pointing it out as I've seen kanji tattoos of this calibre where neither artist nor customer had any idea what they inked on the skin. :-)
If you must, go with AK-san's recommendation.
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