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Reviews On Japanese Language Schools 2015/7/30 04:09
Go day everyone, I've been planning to live and study in Japan for four years now and I've finally decided that I will head out for April 2016. And I really don't want to be thrown into Tokyo off that bat because...wel.. it's Tokyo... I fancy Osaka Kyoto and even Chiba honestly.

I and still decided to do 3 or 6 months. I'm just trying to figure out how long I can go without my 3 kids ( 3 bundle of joys in the canine species)

The only problem is I have no idea which school do I attend.
If anyone has attended any of the Japanese Language schools PLEASE! tell me your experience.

College of Futuaba Foreign Languages
Makuhari Language School
Funabashi International Language School
Only One Japanese Language School
Coto Academy
Arc Academy (Kyoto or Osaka)
Yokohama Design College

So Please if you have any experience with these schools (mainly Chiba) let me now!! Thank you lovelys~
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Re: Reviews On Japanese Language Schools 2015/7/30 15:34
I don't have any personal recommendations, but you might want to look at this listing by Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. They do list by area (the link I'm giving you is for Chiba prefecture), or you can search by other condition.


Why Chiba but not Tokyo? :) Tokyo is a big place, that is true, but Chiba is where many people working in Tokyo live and commute from. And Osaka is another big city.
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Re: Reviews On Japanese Language Schools 2015/8/1 06:58
That's the site I used to find the school in Chiba. Osaka might be big but it still isn't as faced paced or international like tokyo
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