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Craft beer 2015/7/30 13:14
Hi all,
Any suggestion on where to find good and affordable craft beer or local beer, preferrably on tap? I'll be going around Tokyo, Kyoto, Sendai, and Aomori, in case there is some local beers to recommend. It will be great if the izakaya server good yakitori.

Also, is it socially weird for a lady traveller to come to izakaya alone?

Thank you!
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Re: Craft beer 2015/7/30 16:05
Here's a guide to craft-beer bars in Tokyo: http://bento.com/r-beer.html
And Kyoto (scroll down a bit): http://bento.com/kansai/kf-cafe-ky.html

In Tokyo I'd recommend Craft Beer Market (any of their six branches) for price and selection. There's not a big overlap between traditional izakaya and places that serve craft beer though - it tends to be served in specialty bars.

In Kyoto Takumiya might be your best bet, unless Kyoto Brewery's new taproom is open by the time you get there.

For Sendai and Aomori I would check RateBeer.com.

Craft beer bars are fine to go to alone. As for izakaya, I find places that have a counter more comfortable than places with just tables if I'm dining alone.
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Re: Craft beer 2015/7/30 21:01
Craft beer on tap in Japan usually costs between $7 and $10 a glass.

You can find cans and bottles of craft beer in the liquor section of the food court in department stores and in larger liquor stores.

My favorite widely available beer is Yona Yona Ale. You'll find it in department and liquor stores, though not in convenience stores. You can often find it for sale at Don Quixote (DonKi) stores, nation-wide.

There is a craft beer location app at the Apple store, but it hasn't been updated for years. It still has some useful information and maps.

Google "craft beer Japan" and you will get 2.75 million hits.
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Re: Craft beer 2015/7/31 21:08
Sendai might be a good Craftman sendai.
If Belgium beer instead of craft beer, Sendai Mediatheque first floor of the cafe was good.
Here, I went by one person.
I do not know whether there is a craft beer, but was easy to go in one woman also Aoba-tei of S-PAL.
This is a Beef tongue shop.
There seems to be Oirase Brewery in the vicinity of Lake Towada.
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Re: Craft beer 2015/8/5 00:06
You are awesome!!! I've checked the review of these places and they look amazing! The collection of beers are mouthwatering. Can't wait to try them. The beef tounge shop also sounds yummy!

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I'm very excited now.

By the way, do these bars or izakaya serve tea or plain water? Here in Singapore usually the bars will also provide plain water and it helps as it's quite easy to get tipsy especially with draft beer (because I always gulp down almost a glass upon served).

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Re: Craft beer 2015/8/5 02:24
If no water is served in a shop, you will please ask the people of the shop.
"Omizu kudasai" .
(Please give water)
If no need ice , please say "Koori nuki de onegaishimasu."
(Please no ice)
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Re: Craft beer 2015/8/11 18:53
I'll take note of the prhases. Very useful, thank you so much!
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