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Location of 100 yen shop Funabashi 2005/1/11 18:24
I have heard about a 7 floor@100 yen store somewhere in Funabashi. Could someone please be kind enough to tell me its location, and easiest way to get to it?
by Maria  

It's awesome!! 2005/1/11 23:16
If I remember correctly, you should exit the station, turn right and find it quite easily, but perhaps someone more local could give better directions. We only had 45 minutes to shop there and it simply wasn't enough.....make sure you allow plenty of time!!
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Funabashi 2005/1/12 17:05
Oh excellent! Please forgive my ignorance, but which station?
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ummm.... 2005/1/12 21:01
there are 2 stations - JR Funabashi & Keisai Funabashi - think it was the JR station. Actually we walked around heaps & got lost trying to find our hotel, then went back to find the 100 shop and discovered it was really close to the station. Could see the rail line almost above. Perhaps someone more local can help here.
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... 2005/1/12 23:26
If you say it's 7-storied 100-yen shop, I think what you are talking about must be "Giga Funabashi" outlet of "Daiso" 100-yen shop chain. Basement floor, 1F all the way to 6th floor of the building. Can that be? Then it's right next to the Keisei Line's Funabashi station, but as JR and Keisei Funabashi stations are VERY close to each other, it would be only 2 minutes' walk even from the JR Funabashi station (get out of the JR station to the South Exit) too.
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I know that shop 2005/2/16 15:06
I can help you to find that 100 yen shop. if you are still lost send me a line thnx,
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Funabashi 100 yen store Keisei 2005/2/26 22:03
Where do you find the Keisei schedule online? And is it Funabashi station ?

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Exact location of Daiso 100 Yen shop 2006/7/31 21:30
Shop name : Daiso Giga Funabashi Store (ƒMƒK‘D‹΄“X)
Address : η—tŒ§‘D‹΄Žs–{’¬‚P|‚U|‚RƒMƒK‘D‹΄“X‚U‚e
Time : 10F00`21F00
URL : http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp/shop/index.php

Go to http://www.daiso-sangyo.co.jp/shop/index.php, search for ƒMƒK‘D‹΄“X, you will get the map as well. Station is Funabashi.

More info. : http://web-japan.org/nipponia/nipponia17/en/trend/index.html
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Distance-Giga Funabashi&Machida fr JR st 2008/3/16 13:28
Hi guys. I read from the Daiso website that the Funabashi store is 5 min from JR Funabashi Station and not 2 minutes? I will be shopping A LOT so the difference matters. Considering between the Giga Funabashi vs Giga Machida. I heard that they are the same size but Giga Machida is right next to the JR Station but 2x the distance from Ueno (where I will be staying) than Giga Funabashi. While Giga Funabashi is closer to Ueno but the walking distance is longer from the JR station to the store. I will be using the JR line. I am hoping that the walk between the JR station and the Giga Funabashi store is indeed 2 minutes and not 5 minutes. Can someone please confirm?
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Funabashi 2008/3/17 06:34
From Funabashi JR station to the Daiso store is about 5 minutes, although it is about 2 minutes walk from the Keisai Funabashi train station.

The walk from the main exit of Machida JR station to the Daiso store looks to be nearer to 10 minutes. I think there is another exit at the other end of the platform, but this would still be about 5 minutes walk and may involve a number of stairs and elevated walkways. I would suggest you stick to Funabashi. If you really think you will have a problem, why not travel with a wheeled suitcase and take it to the store bring back your purchases.
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