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Concert's questions 2015/8/5 13:30

I will attend to go to a concert at a’J Œφ‰ο“° (Shibuya Public Hall)
Do someone know how long a concert can be in that place (I'm expecting 1h30)
It will begin at 18h but I've a meeting at 20h at the station, so do you think that could be ok?
About the seat, how do you know if you're in the hall or the balcony? 'cause my number is right with both?

Thanks for reading!
by Lydioune  

Re: Concert's questions 2015/8/5 14:19
Totally depends on the artist and the event. It can range from 1 hour 30 minutes to well over 2 hours.

Also depending on the day of the week there will be a huge crowd at the station (in addition to the audience returning to either to Harajuku or to Shibuya station to go home), so be sure to have some way to contact your friend on the spot. It will be 15 minutes' walk to Shibuya station.

The ticket would indicate it somehow - if you cannot read it, I am sure someone at the venue can help you.
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Re: Concert's questions 2015/8/5 16:50
Shibuya kokaido
If you are not in time to time, you can go on the way.
As much as possible, please back to before the beginning of the encore.
If you had to the last, there is also slower case is sent off time by the seat.
Such as exit on the first floor¨-2 floor of the order.
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Re: Concert's questions 2015/8/5 19:39
Thanks for the answers!

The show will be Sunday's night, and it's the last day of the tour of the band... so I'm expecting the show to be long enough as 1h30
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Re: Concert's questions 2015/8/5 21:28
8pm is definitely risky, and you're not suppose to let your mobile phone ring inside a concert venue. Plus, concerts can delay, especially on the last night of a tour.

The safest time to meet someone at the station after a concert is 10:30pm or later, because venues have regulations about trying to prevent noise after 10pm. Otherwise, you have to risk your concert to go meet your friend.
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Re: Concert's questions 2015/8/6 09:42
This concert?


Hmm, an 8pm meeting looks risky even if you get out by 7:30 which is probably unlikely. I would move the meeting if you can.
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Re: Concert's questions 2015/8/7 10:43
For a tour final it will be closer to 2- 2 1/2 hours (though I have been to many that were 3 and more- generally the members talk a lot about what happend on the tour etc.). Double and triple encores are also not uncommon. You should probably try to reschedule your meeting, or be prepared to leave early with apologies to those around you.
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Concert's questions 2015/8/7 10:56
Thanks again for the responses.

Yes, yllwsmrf that was the concert for ƒAƒ‹ƒ‹ƒJƒ that I was planning to go.
In fact, there's another live the same date but I have to be at the venue at 19h30.
So I just have to cancel it as I don't want to miss one part of the concert (and I'm not sure you can leave the place like that) And Shibuya Kokaido got seating places, so for a V-kei concert...

Thanks again
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