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Does Japanese Food has Vicia Faba in It? 2015/8/6 01:45
Hey guys, I'm planning to visit Japan in April and wondered if Japanese food has any Vicia Faba in it? if it do, what meals has it in? I'm allergic and I eating Vicia Faba means hospital to me .
for those who dont know what Vicid Faba is,:
Thanks a lot guys ;]
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Re: Does Japanese Food has Vicia Faba in It? 2015/8/6 12:35
Oh so that's fava beans ("sora-mame"). In Japan, we tend to eat it just boiled in hot water or grilled for snacks, or stir-fried together with other vegetables/meat - right off, I can't think of any Japanese dish or "meals" where this would be regularly used ground or finely chopped so that you cannot "recognize" it.

Are you OK with other kinds of beans, such as soy beans? There are some Japanese dishes where that might be ground and used (in some desserts, soups, etc.) and of course used in soy sauce and other seasonings.

But if it means hospital to you, you should walk around with a card to say that you are allergic to fava beans. And of course please consult a specialist, not rely on an anonymous internet forum, though we do out best to help you :)
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