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Translation 2015/8/11 02:02
アイデンティティの迷走 ("straying identity"???)
不毛だな (he's "unproductive"???)

Could someone please help me get an idea of what these mean?
by Kanjiran  

Re: Translation 2015/8/12 12:03
Not really sure on the first one, but I'll give you my totally-not-a-native-Japanese-speaker translations for the rest just to get you started until someone more skilled comes along. :)

多分そういう事を期待されてる - "That's probably what's expected." ("That's probably what they're expecting.")

僕もしてる - "I do it too" (Unless it was meant to be しってる in which case it means "I know as well" ["I know just as well as you", "I understand {also}"])

不毛だな - "That was pointless", "That was a waste (of time)"

僕は全然いいんだけどね - "I'm totally fine with~(whatever is being discussed)" (Emphasis is on the "I'm", he doesn't mind what is being proposed though others might, or others maybe thought that he would mind.)

僕らの繋がりはまるでこれだけになったみたいだ - "It seems that our relationship has become only about this." ("It's like this is all there is to our relationship.")

There's probably a lot wrong with those. Skilled people, please correct me!
by Harimogura (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Translation 2015/8/14 23:39
Thank you so much, this helped me a lot!!!
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