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When are the Danjiri Festivals 2015? 2015/8/11 18:59
Dear people,

I have already called to Osaka Tourist Information and they said the festival would be 19-20 september. I will be leaving Japan the 18th and would love to see Danjiri. Are there also other places to visit the festival for internet states that it is 14-15 september in Osaka and other dates as well. I know last year was 14-15 september but I hope there are other places to visit the festival!

Thank you very much!
by Dick Zebregs (guest)  

Re: When are the Danjiri Festivals 2015? 2015/8/12 08:18
If you're talking about the famous Kishiwada Danjirin festival in Osaka, then the main days will be Sept 19-20, but it seems there may be test events in the days leading up to the main festival. Not sure exactly what those consist of, but they may be worth a look if that's the only thing that is gonna work for your schedule. Here are the main Japanese sites:

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