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Buy Online English Laptops in Japan? 2005/1/13 11:23
I am in Japan - Fukuoka for 6 months and I want to buy a thin (ultraportable) notebook. I saw many good models in shops in Fukuoka, but all are with Japanese keyboard and Japanese XP. So, if anyone can help me please to find a good web-site (in english) for online shoping, where there is info (price and details) about English laptops.
thank you.
by Jelena  

laptops 2005/1/14 18:37
You could always buy the Japanese laptop and reload an english version of windows xp. I think this voids the warranty, but if you're not planning to stay in Japan it doesn't matter. Also remeber to purchase the right voltage converters.
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Thanks 2005/1/14 20:38
Thanks for subbmiting an answer. But my main problem is not the Windows XP on this Japanese laptops, since I already now I can put English Windows instead. Actually my problem is the Japanese keyboard. I am doing a lot of typing and programming on my PC in my profession, so that it is quite inconvenient to use the Japanese keyboard for me.
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try this site 2005/1/15 04:37
maybe this will help:

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. 2005/1/15 09:06
Toshiba and IBM officially sell English laptops in Japan.

I was unable to find English shopping/contact pages, but here is info (in Japanese) on Toshiba English laptops available.
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Try This English Website 2008/3/9 22:18
Please try to access this site www.felixpc.com and try to see what's best for you. They sell laptops with english keyboard. I hope this will help you a lot thanks
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