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Toyoko Inn morning tea 2015/8/19 05:59
Been a bit curious what kind of tea that is usually served in the Toyoko Inn hotels in the morning, if anyone knows. I have not encountered green tea (ocha) so far.

Also, on some restaurants they serve tea to noodles and other meals. I dont think it is ocha either but something else. Hojicha?

Takes me to another question, does Japanese people really drink green tea everyday? Or is it just a rumor?
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Re: Toyoko Inn morning tea 2015/8/19 12:36
Toyoko inn serves green tea and coffee for the breakfast. You can drink free green tea and plum/seaweed mixed tea in your room. They are so called powder tea, add and drink with hot water, which is not taste so good.

This time of the season, Japanese restaurants normally serve Mugi-cha(roasted barley tea) as cold drink. Hoji-cha is normally served as hot drink, so it will be served in autumn or winter.

Japanese elderly people often drink green tea daily, young people don't drink so often.
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Re: Toyoko Inn morning tea 2015/8/19 20:38
does Japanese people really drink green tea everyday?

No, only those from Shizuoka do.

But seriously, it also depends on your definition of "green tea." When the Japanese say "ocha," we usually mean anything between houjicha, bancha, sencha, gyokuro and mugicha. Nowadays, we might also include any un-sweatened tea such as hatomugicha, rooibos-cha, sobacha and so on, since there are so many kinds of tea that are more easily available now. Plus there are all those PET bottle ocha that teenagers love to drink, such as the popular soukenbicha.

And do we drink it? Well, it's common sense in Japan that humans should drink a lot of water every day. But since water is boring, and since caffeine is too strong, and since juice or sweet drinks have too much sugar in it, most people drink some kind of ocha (A) because it's healthy and (B) because it suits their taste.

That said, a lot of people prefer to drink ryokucha during the day along with sweets, while during/after a meal they prefer to drink houjicha or bancha so that it won't get in the way of the taste of the main dishes.

But then, the tea machines in hotels and cheaper restaurants usually serve ryokucha.
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