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Japanese Translation Help 2015/8/22 22:47
I just came back from Japan and it was great. I bought a speaker shaped like a bear for my niece but I don't know how to get it to work. Can someone help translate it for me so I can help her to use it?

Thank you!

Picture of the instructions:
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Re: Japanese Translation Help 2015/8/24 05:20
Hi Summer. I tried my best to translate it for you.
Hope this will help you.

This product is for PC, Smartphone and MP3 and the package includes the speaker, 3.5 mm plug pin, 2.5 mm plug pin and USB plug.

1. Make turn down your reproduction equipment such as PC, Smartphone and MP3.

2. Connect 3.5 mm plug pin (thicker one) to an earphone jack of the reproduction equipment.

3. Connect 2.5 mm plug pin (thinner one) to
the stuffed animal speaker.

4. Connect the USB plug for charging the speaker to your smartphone charger or PC USB slot etc.

5. Control the music volume and enjoy.
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Re: Japanese Translation Help 2015/8/24 08:25

Thank you so much. So plugging all three is necessary?

When I first tried it, I tried with my computer and I used all three plugs (usb + both sound plugs) and it didn't work. Then I tried my MP3 (only the 2 sound plugs) and it didn't work. I'll try again with my my MP3 using the USB plug as well when I get home from work. Hopefully it will work.


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