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Translation help 2015/8/27 18:47
What does "あなたの友達で行ったことある人はいますか?" mean? I get the first half of the sentence but I don't get what the second half is trying to ask. any help would be appreciated, thanks!
by daaaniel  

Re: Translation help 2015/8/27 19:49
あなたの 友達で 行った こと (が) ある 人は います か?

I'd take it as "Among your friends, is there anyone who has been (there)?"

"(...ta form of the verb) koto ga arimasu/aru" means "has/have done (something)," so with the verb 行く・行きます (iku/ikimasu), ”行ったことがある” means "have been to (a place)."

Does it fit the context?
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Re: Translation help 2015/8/27 23:33
Thank you, it all makes sense now!
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