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Organic dairy and protein products in Japan 2015/8/29 23:39
Is it possible to find organic dairy in Japan? Have searched both this forum and the web and found organic shops in Tokyo - but don't seem to be able to find out much about other cities and not about if the organic shops have "only" (not meaning that's a bad number of things - just that I would like more especially proteins) vegetables and fruits and maybe grains or if they have eggs, dairy, meat, etc as well.

Anyone who knows?
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Re: Organic dairy and protein products in Japan 2015/8/30 17:10
Is there a specific location you have in mind? Organic (オーガニック or 有機) non-vegetable products are available all over Japan, although I do admit that where there are less needs (or less awareness) the business won't go well.

This is just for reference.
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Re: Organic dairy and protein products in Japan 2015/8/30 22:16
AFAIK, Japan doesn't use Bovine Somatropins in dairy which makes it considerably better than North American dairy.
A lot of feedstuff for farm animals is imported which makes it likely that GMO grain products have been used to feed animals.
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