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rapport 2015/9/2 00:09
Is there a good translation for "rapport" for using when you want to say you met someone for the first time and just seemed to hit it off well/you just "clicked" with that person?
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Re: rapport 2015/9/2 10:57
To say you "hit it off well," there is an expression that goes "hachou ga au/aimasu" (our wavelength meet/fit). Is that what you are asking?

You could say something like:
- Ano hito to wa, hachou ga au mitai desu. (With that person, our wavelengths seem to click/fit.)

- Hachou ga atta you de, ureshii desu. (I am happy that our wavelengths seem to have clicked/met.)
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Re: rapport 2015/9/3 08:31
There are many ways to express depending on the context.
"hachou ga au", "ikitougou", "uma ga au", "tuukaa no naka" and many more.
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