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Sumo wrestling sold out tickets 2015/9/2 01:58
We will be in Tokyo for the September sumo wrestling tournament and wanted tickets to either September 22 or 23, unfortunately both days seem sold out. My questions are:
1. what is the likelihood of scoring tickets the morning of at the box office?
and 2. are there any websites to buy resale tickets from ticket holders who are no longer attending the tournament that day?

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Re: Sumo wrestling sold out tickets 2015/9/2 13:19
The limited day ticket will be sold at 8:00 on the match day. One ticket per person. All unreserved seats with 2,200 Yen for adult, 400 Yen for children(age 4-15).
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Re: Sumo wrestling sold out tickets 2015/9/2 13:29
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Re: Sumo wrestling sold out tickets 2015/9/2 13:35
Perhaps, because it is a holiday in Japan September 19 to September 23, the day tickets will be crowded.
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Re: Sumo wrestling sold out tickets 2015/9/7 08:15
Sumo has become more popular the last few years and good tickets sell out on the first day. I was a little slow, but still managed to get reasonable box seats , but on the first Friday - an unpopular time.

Also, my observation is that the later days in the tournament are more popular. This shows up less at the Tokyo basho as they see sell-outs more than the three regional tournaments, but even so, tickets at Nagoya (July) were almost all gone after the first weekend on sale.

However, if you can get to the gymnasium early to get tickets, it is a great day. If Japanican still have their over-priced tickets up for sale, then that is a good second option.
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Re: Sumo wrestling sold out tickets 2015/9/7 11:24
Since I only presented a proposal to buy a ticket, buy how is your freedom.
Until about 2011-2013, sumo was not popular.
However, now it is great sumo popular in Japan.
So 22 and 23rd of the holiday because Japanese Many lined up, I just thought that there is a possibility that it sold out.
By the way, if Saturday and Sunday, even lined up to one hour before, it seems sometimes do not get the tickets. (Perhaps, holiday also the same)
It is 350 sheets, but also that the number may change from day to day.
Engagement of people begin to count the number of people in 7:15. (If this time is not counted, the not get ticket)
Tickets are distributed to 7:30.
Since the credit card can not be used, to pay in cash.
At that time, if not in its place, will not get tickets.
From 8:00, it seems to buy the ticket in the order of tickets.
The seats I think only the better you first is a good place up because it is free.
It's seems very back of the seat around.
Along the way, it is possible to go out only once.
It is after 15 o'clock is particularly popular in efforts of top division.
Perhaps if you go in until 6:30, it will be able to reliably buy.
I have ever went to see a sumo twice.
Please have fun!
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