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Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/2 09:01
Well, the thing is... I'll travel to Japan next years for sure, since is my graduation present, I get to go to a concert I want so baaad!~
The thing is... since that artist is very popular, the only way I could get tickets is if someone buy it there for me, of course, I'm going for sure like I said.
I live in Venezuela, and we're no longer allowed to buy on-line like before, so that's not an option for me. I can't wait to the concert day 'cause I've heard he's like... a sold-out in 3secs, so I'm really concerned about it.

I want to know if there's a way I could buy those tickets, or if there's a way someone living there could buy it for me and I'll pay to that person once I'm in Japan.
Thank you in advantage for your answers ♥

Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/2 13:21
If anyone helps you to do that, you must pay in advance.
If you are unavailable to come on the concert day, who would pay for it. So that you must pay in advance.
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/2 13:49
What does genre Your hear want concert?
It was idle,
Entering the fan club (there is a fan club frame),
In twitter and facebook, you see the information of people who like the same artist.
When you search by artist name, comes out people who occasionally want to hand over the ticket.
However, depending on the fan club, if you have purchased a ticket that way, there is a case to cancel the membership of the fan club.
If the lock, such as you might buy in here.
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/2 13:55
I don't know which artist you are talking about, but have you thought about joining a fan club to exchange information? The money issue aside, you will be forcing the buyer to use the great energy to buy the ticket for you, so you can't just ask anybody.

Either way, please never buy tickets from scalpers standing near the venue, because the money would go to crime organizations. There might be fans at the venue trying to sell tickets they ended up not using, though.
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/2 20:27
It is a little while ago, I mistake the Idol of the translation.
Not idle, idol is correct.
When I was a musician fans of K-pop is to join the fan club, I bought a ticket.
In the case of K-pop, there are South Korea and the fan club in Japan, there was a person who is enrolled in Korean fan club.
When I search by group name of the musician in Twitter, tweet information that cede the ticket also, there was occasionally.
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/3 05:30
Oh~ Let me correct myself~
Now with a friend, I'm able to pay for the tickets via paypal, for example, but in this case we need someone to buy it there so we wont travel there for nothing. If the problem is the advantage money, then we can pay it as I said.

About waiting for a fan outside the venue, yes, it may work, but what if there's nobody selling tickets? Since we will have a few days only, probably our only chance to see the artist is in one show, so it's hard for us trust in that option, but is likely to be our only option if I can't solve it and so~ ~ ~

About the fanclub, well, that Fanclub is only for Japan residents, so I can't join it even if I wanted to. And I'm aware of scalpers and it's risks, so I'm only looking for a favour or a fan.
The artist is Gackt, and we probably could only go to his lives in June, since we have college and stuff~
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/3 12:29
Hi again,

Isn't there anything like an unofficial fan club overseas? Gackt is one of the most internationally popular Japanese artists. I wonder how other non-Japanese fans are following him.
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/3 19:55
Songkick I have put a link, had been sold, such as London show of 2011.
Maybe then, it may also be released upcoming concert tickets.
If there are such as you to friends who live in Japan, you might get to buy instead the ticket.
In the case of concert of K-POP, during the concert venue from the station, please hand over the ticket(チケットを譲ってください), people with handwritten paper that stood some.
If you're lucky, people who are extra ticket is possibly even who will hand over.
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/4 00:49
YES!~ he is indeed, Uco~ Gackt has many many many fans outside Japan, that's why I don't understand why there's no ticket sale for non-Japanese fans!~ He has a global store though, but even there the goods they sale are like 0,5% of the actual goods a Fanclub member could get~ And we have a lot of unofficial Fanclubs, one per country or something, but they don't have any resources or way to help the fans in this case, I would say that they're in this same situation~ I think the only one I see that has some good plans are the fans of those fanclubs in Southeast Asia, but of course, I'm not part of them~

And that's why I said that our only way to get tickets is being there, like being able to go and buy it, but since I don't live there I can't do much~ They say e-plus may have a ticket sale, but I'm afraid that you need a Japanese card with Japanese money, of course~
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/8 14:02
Use this website - http://www.celga.com/
They can help you buy membership to the fanclub (it will use their address in Japan) and will also help you apply/buy for tickets.

Otherwise, offer to pay someone on twitter/facebook/etc. There's also no harm in going to unofficial overseas fanclubs or websites and asking for help - international fans may have contacts in Japan, so someone might be able to set you in the right direction.

Scalpers are an option, but your seats may be awful and sometimes they check for ID. If you get checked, you'll have wasted your time and money.

Finally, check on yahoo auctions Japan. If someone has bought too many tickets or can't go, they'll advertise them there. I think Celga can help you buy on yahoo auctions Japan. If not FromJapan is definitely able to help! https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/9 08:26
Wow, Thank you Midori for your answer~
I’ve heard of that services lile celga, that help to buy form japan and stuff like that~ But I was afraid since I’ve never used one of those~ Is it good? Have you used it?~

Well, sadly there was a limit to apply to thr FC, and that was sep 1st~
But still I’ll look into that service ’cause maybe there’s still chance~
Also I’ll be checking on Yahoo Auction, even if I’ve read that prices there are crazy~

Again, Thank you for the links and all, I will check it~~ * - *
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Re: Tickets for a show issue 2015/9/15 12:57
Hi there!

I've used fromjapan to buy off yahoo auctions and have always been 100% satisfied - quick response, staff have good English and stuff always arrives on time and in good condition.

I've used celga to get a fanclub membership, but not tickets. There was an issue with renewing my membership, which I wasn't impressed with, but I think it was very uncommon. Pretty much everything I've heard from them has been great!

Have you checked if they'll be doing general sales? Fanclubs often have 1 or 2 rounds, then they may do general sales for those without memberships. If you're lucky (and depending on how popular the group is) you may be able to get tickets on the day. If not, check 2nd hand ticket dealers (avail;able in lots of stations) and yahoo auctions.

Good luck!
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