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Hananomai Sumo Izakaya 2015/9/7 17:40
I was looking for a place to eat with my friends for our trip to Japan and I heard good things about this place. I wanted to ask if they have a site or phone number where I can make reservations, and if we need to reserve early. I also read that they offer 食べ放題 and 飲み放題 and wondered if these are worth getting compared to just ordering ala-carte. Like what food do they offer for the 食べ放題 and what drinks are offered for 飲み放題 .

I was also curious if they have like special days to take note of. For example I know that some themed restaurants have performances every weekend, things like that.

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Re: Hananomai Sumo Izakaya 2015/9/7 18:25
Hi , my name is YUKO .
I live in Chiba but have lived in RYOGOKU (the town where HANANOMAI stands)and have been to the restaurant many times. It's so nice place for ppl from foreign countries especially those who interested in japanese culture.
Yes, This is their web add(ENG ver.)

I'm afraid they don't offer 食べ放題 system but they have 飲み放題 and・・・ as a symple japanese, it's a place for sightseer(include japanese) so・・・ not so good in taste.(how to say, it's a place to enjoy the mood) 
Please check their site and if have any question, feel free to ask me^^hope you enjoy Japan!
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Re: Hananomai Sumo Izakaya 2015/9/9 08:49
I've been to Hananomai in Ryogoku several times, and it has always been good fun.

- On days when there are sumo tournaments, you might want to book early, as spectators tend go to there in groups after the tournament.

- I have not heard of any all-you-can-eat. (If you order a course menu, you can get all-you-can-drink, with a time limit.)

- There are days when a sumo-themed comedian comes to do some performance on the sumo set-up in the restaurant, but you need to check on the Japanese website to see when he appears.
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Re: Hananomai Sumo Izakaya 2015/9/9 10:36
Hello Yuko! Thank you very much for the site link, I'll be sure to check it out :) I am looking forward to experiencing more about your culture by going to this place!

Hello guest! I'm just curious, how much is the all-you-can-drink and what do they offer? Also, what's the time limit?

As for the performances, how many weeks/months before do they announce the schedule so I can take a look in the site?

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Re: Hananomai Sumo Izakaya 2015/9/13 14:34
The same ...(guest) here.

They have a course menu (appetizer, "sashimi," salad, some fried food, etc., enough to fill you, as far as I know; the exact details vary depending on the season) and you can order it with 2-hour all-you-can drink, last order for drinks closes after 90 minutes. "Drinks" usually include beer, cocktails, shochu, Japanese sake, and soft drinks. It looks like you need to book at least 3 days in advance.

Check out the English link provided by Yuko0829, they actually do have the performance schedule; click on "Event Program" to the right side of the page.
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