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Concert ticket and concert etiquette 2015/9/9 20:48
I will go to a 2 days concert in Osaka in two weeks.

I entered the *fanclub lottery* for both days but only won a ticket for the 1st day. For the 2nd day, I participated in another non-FC advanced lottery and won the ticket.

Both times it was done via l-tike, the Lawson webpage. I went to the Loppi machine, got the receipt and paid the cashier.

To be honest I didn't really read the small print on my tickets cause I thought this was my ticket (like I used my Lawson ticket for Ghibli and the Shingeki exhibition in Ueno) and it had too many kanji anyways for me to read.

But a few days ago I got another ticket via mail for the first day (sender: チケットデリ). The fancy ticket, with colour printing and my seating (►I will come back to that later). I was a little confused, so I looked at my Lawson ticket again and dug out my kanji dictionary.

Apparently it says this is not an admission ticket. Doh!

Is that common? I first thought this maybe had to do with it being a fanclub ticket (The Lawson ticket for the 1st day, has FC printed on it, the 2nd day ticket has no FC) so I got a fancy ticket.

But apparently I will get another ticket sent via mail with my seating for day two? Help? Do I have to do something?

And now onto my 2nd question:

My fanclub ticket says: E8ブロック, 12 列, 6番

Is there an entrance especially for my seating? Special entry time?

Pictures (Lawson): http://i.imgur.com/pEeCqor.jpg

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Re: Concert ticket and concert etiquette 2015/9/10 09:51
I'm not sure if the system is common, but it does clearly say in huge writing that this is not an admission ticket, but only proof that you have paid.

To obtain the concert ticket you need to
1. Go to Loppi and touch the botton at the top page lower left that says ローソンチケット
2. Then touch 予約済チケット
3. On the top, type your 予約番号 (reservation number). Underneath that, type your ID, 引取番号 and phone number that you registered upon payment.
4. Then type your name and phone number, make sure they're correct and press 了解
5. Loppi will issue a 申込兼, so within 30 minutes bring that to the cashier and have your ticket issued.

You can also phone 0570-000-777 for assistance. An operator will answer your call after an automatic guidance.

The ticket also says that you may not sell it to make profit.

Is there an entrance especially for my seating? Special entry time?

That should be written on the admission ticket, but basically there will be signs with block numbers (E8) written. You can show the ticket to one of the many staff at the venue who will guide you to the proper direction. 開場 is the time the gate opens and 開演 is the time the performance starts.

Hope you have fun!
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Re: Concert ticket and concert etiquette 2015/9/10 16:29
The only separate entrances I can recall having seen is for (some?) arenas where there's one specific entrance for arena floor ticket holders, but nothing specifically fan club related.
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Re: Concert ticket and concert etiquette 2015/9/10 19:09
Thanks I got the tickets!
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