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Baseball in January 2015/9/10 02:11
Hello,i plan to visit Tokyo,Osaka and Kyoto in January 2016,i googled my question before but since i cant read japanese and all the sites i found where in japanese i still have no idea ^^ I know that pro Baseball wont start until March,but what about Highschool Baseball?are there any games or tournaments in January?
Hope someone can answer me that question ^^
by S ookami  

Re: Baseball in January 2015/9/10 11:42
Baseball is a summer sport, both in America and Japan. The National High School Baseball Championships are played at Koshien in August. There are Spring Koshien and Summer Koshien tournaments, but those are played in March and during the summer vacation in June. Winter is usually the baseball off-season, so I don't think you're going to find any organizational baseball games in winter. Plus, baseball is a sport that is delayed by weather and is played outdoors, making winter competition difficult to organize.
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