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universal studios japan or disney 2015/9/12 00:38
Is it worth it visiting universal studios japan? I have heard the lines are really long; is it true?
Which one would be better: universal studios japan or disney?
by Sergio (guest)  

Since no one seems to be responding 2015/9/13 12:07
I have the impression that locals near Osaka go to USJ and locals near Tokyo go to TDL.

Since I live in Greater Tokyo I've never been to USJ, but as far as TDL is concerned, there is a trick to avoid queuing. So you can avoid it as much as possible by studying beforehand and utilizing the "fast pass."

I grew up in LA where they have the original Disneyland (as well as the original Universal Studios), and yet I always enjoyed my several visits to TDL, because the service is more thorough.

So long story short, if your itinerary allows you a whole day for a theme park, visit one, and if you liked it visit another one. You do need a whole day though (enter first thing in the morning and stay until the fireworks, or enter late and spend a night nearby). Being accompanied by someone who can instantly become a kid at heart makes a whole difference.

By the way, Disney Sea has better shows while Disneyland has all the great traditional attractions.
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Re: universal studios japan or disney 2015/9/15 10:11
The lines are long in both parks. As the above poster said, Disney parks have the FastPass option; USJ has the Express Pass. The FastPass can be collected at the rides themselves and gives you a time to come back; the Express Pass must be purchased at the entry gate and is structure into three passes: 3, 5 and 7. Each gives you 'express' entry into the number of rides on the ticket (3, 5 and 7). You cannot choose the rides; the tickets designate which rides are included. Check the USJ website for more info. The Express Passes sell out fast so it is best to go before the gates open (or buy them online; there is thread on this forum that explains the process but the purchase website is in Japanese).

Disney and USJ are both very busy; your best bet for both is to go on a weekday and get there early. There are no fireworks on normal days at USJ like there are at Disney. USJ also has only one parade at the end of the day (Electric Starlight Parade), and it is a cheap rip-off of the Disney ones. Which park you visit depends on which city your closest to, and what interests you most: Disneyland has, of course, all the Disney favourites; while USJ has Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Spiderman, etc.
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Re: universal studios japan or disney 2015/9/15 13:33
Thank you very much!
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