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Big Bang Concert Tickets 2015/9/13 07:28
I'm trying to get my hands on a ticket to see Big Bang in Osaka Dome/Kyocera Dome on the 20th, 21st or 22nd of November, but running into a bit of trouble.

Could someone with better Japanese skills than my own double-check for me when they go on sale, as I'm guessing as I can't buy through any official ticket sellers that it isn't quite yet...


Also which of the retailers listed would be easiest to buy from? And have you any advice for buying concert tickets as I haven't done so from Japan before. If not, are there any organisations out there that help international fans buy tickets at all?

Many thanks!
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Re: Big Bang Concert Tickets 2015/9/13 11:37
Please refer to the here of topics to reference.
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Re: Big Bang Concert Tickets 2015/9/13 11:44
According to the fan club of the home page, the use of resold tickets, it seems there is a possibility that refusable admission.
From acquaintance, price or, seems no problem in getting worth giving up in less price.
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Re: Big Bang Concert Tickets 2015/9/15 13:05
It looks like special selection tickets (? fanclub?) are on sale now. Some of the retailers, i.e. Lawson, you can buy from a conbini, others you might be able to get online. Sorry I can't help more, AKB has a section for foreigners to buy when they're overseas, and the other times I've bought tickets I've been in Japan...

From my other post on another thread, (below, slightly edited) I'd like to add to try and contact fans/in Japan. Get on tumblrs, twitters, whatever - ask people to help. Say that you're willing to pay up front for the ticket and their time - it might be a lot easier than a middleman service, and cheaper than their fees too. You might make new friends at the same time and have someone to meet up with on the day!

Use this website - http://www.celga.com/
They can help you buy membership to the fanclub (it will use their address in Japan) and will also help you apply/buy for tickets.
Otherwise, offer to pay someone on twitter/facebook/etc. There's also no harm in going to unofficial overseas fanclubs or websites and asking for help - international fans may have contacts in Japan, so someone might be able to set you in the right direction.

Scalpers are an option, but your seats may be awful and sometimes they check for ID. If you get checked, you'll have wasted your time and money (and occasionally you may be put on a blacklist).

Finally, check on yahoo auctions Japan. If someone has bought too many tickets or can't go, they'll advertise them there. I think Celga can help you buy on yahoo auctions Japan. If not FromJapan is definitely able to help! https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/

2nd hand ticket stores (found in many major train stations) may also sell them. They basically buy them from people who can't go anymore/got too many tickets and sell them at an increased price. As long as you can say the group name, the date and place and ask how much, you'll be fine!

Good luck!
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Re: Big Bang Concert Tickets 2015/10/2 09:23
Hi - you can try this website and see if they can help - http://www.jegoods.com/

I have a friend who has managed to get her ticket using their service.

I will be going for the Big Bang Osaka concert on 20th November. I managed to get a ticket to the concert with the help of a Japanese friend, through the fan club application. But I hope I don't get checked as it's not my name.

Also, I'm looking for a concert buddy :)

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Re: Big Bang Concert Tickets 2015/10/17 12:19
I bought mine through www.japanconcerttickets.com but I don't know if they can still accommodate to buy for you (I asked them to join the lottery for me last August).

I have the ticket under my name, I just hope they don't ask for an ID 'coz I am not a fan club member, too. I'm going to the Fukuoka concert.
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