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Operation Rambling? 2015/9/19 06:30
I looked through some archived pages on the JR West train status and came across the word 取り止め, apparently according to Google Translate meaning "Operation Rambling". Does anyone know any better translation to this? Does it mean the trains are stopped or just delayed?

The information said only which train was affected. Could not make out anything about delay or so.

And yes, I know there is an English version of the page but I found this more detailed.
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Re: Operation Rambling? 2015/9/19 09:10
a better translation would be "service suspended"
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Re: Operation Rambling? 2015/9/19 09:54
取り止め is no more continuing of operation as a final decision.
if the trains is 取り止め, it never goes further (also, never goes back.)
the train is cancelled.

for example of a shinkansen train from Tokyo to Hakata,
if they say 名古屋で運転を取り止めます, it means that train departs from Tokyo and arrives at Nagoya. then it (will be ) is cancelled at Nagoya. if you are waiting it at Kyoto, it never comes.
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とりやめ 2015/9/19 14:11
Try Google Translate in hiragana (とりやめ). It's not とりとめ.
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