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Jazz Osaka 2015/9/22 09:45
Hey friends!!!

Can you recomend any good jazz places in osaka?
Maybe a jazz cruise or jazz club?
by Costa (guest)  

Re: Jazz Osaka 2015/9/23 21:22
Do you come when in Japan?
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Re: Jazz Osaka 2015/9/23 21:25
Begining of November
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Re: Jazz Osaka 2015/9/24 12:52
I am not like jazz is amazing.
Osaka is not famous for its jazz like a Tokyo Blue Note.
It is only possible to make sure you are jazz concerts will be held on the day to stay.
In the Billboard Live Osaka, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra concert will be held on November 3.
The day before Diana King seems to buy here.
The first half of November is not even so, here also sometimes famous musicians to appear.
Jazz Boat
November 1 (Sun) or three days (Tuesday and public holidays), 7 (Sat.), 8th (day), 14th (Sat) 15 (Sun), 21 (Sat) to 23 (Monday and public holidays), 28th (Sat), 29th (Sun)
 September-November 13:30 shot, 14:30 shot, 15:30 shot, 17:30 shot, 18:30 shot, 19:30 shot
 Adults (more than junior high school students) \ 1,800
Rainy weather it will suspended service.
This is the last year of the brochure, but seems to be this year.
Atelier Sawano is the label of jazz.
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Re: Jazz Osaka 2015/9/24 19:11
Thank you!!!
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