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Understanding the language (beginner) 2015/9/23 04:26
Hey there.

First excuse my English. This is my second language so incorrect sentences and misstypes will accure. That out of the way, let's get to it!

I just started learning the wonderful, but confusing, Japanese language. I've been taking a class once a week, and self studying on my freetime (About 1h each day) for the last 1-2 months.

Now i know this learning phase will take time. Afterall, I've been practicing English for nearly 14+ years and I'm still not near perfect (Even though I understand and speak it very well)

But I'm having such a hard time memorising wa, ga, to and so on. So putting together a sentence I have never seen before, is almost impossible without me having to look it up 2 times in order to make sure this is correct. Is there anything you can recommend that I should look up and read/listen in order to make the progress abit easier, or is it just practice, practice and practice. That is going to fix this problem of mine?

Thanks for your time in advanced.
by Marcus (guest)  

Re: Understanding the language (beginner) 2015/9/23 11:41
I consider reading and listening to be part of "practice", and yes, you need a lot of that. There is no particular thing you should read, just read Japanese.
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