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Japanese classes Tokyo 14 days October 2015/9/25 02:27

I'll be in Tokyo from mid to end october inTokyo and I'd like to practice my Japanese every mornings or afternoons in order to increase my speaking skills.

I wish to know if anybody has any idea how to do that without going to a school because it's awfully expensive but also because they only offer private classes since I can't fit within their already made schedule.

I thought about looking for a student who would be available, homestay but I'm not sure Japanese are open enough for that or... I'm waiting for other ideas.

Thanks for your replies.

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Re: Japanese classes Tokyo 14 days October 2015/9/25 11:21
Considering the short period you will be in Japan, it might be difficult to find any local students' group unless you go to a school. If you do want private lessons (of course at a fee, that's what teachers are for), you could ask at a school to see if they can arrange something.

Each ward ("ku") in Tokyo has some kind of Japanese lessons or conversation groups available to non-Japanese residents, as part of community services, but I am not sure if those are open to visitors (travelers to Japan), and they tend to meet only once a week or so...

For example, Meguro-ku has this page on Japanese language schools (1. on this page) and conversation salons (2. on this page).


The above is just for Meguro, so if you want to see if there are any groups available specifically for the time period you are in Japan, check out:
Note that this is for Japanese language volunteers - it might give you clues where you could ask.

I believe this school almost specializes in dispatching teachers to students' offices/work place for lessons. (Not a personal recommendation, though).
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Re: Japanese classes Tokyo 14 days October 2015/9/25 22:57
Well thanks for the reply and tips.^^
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