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Taking pre-packaged food into Japan 2015/9/26 21:55
My son will be visiting Japan for 12 days and has a severe allergy to sesame. So that he has some food to fall back on that he was 100% sure was safe for him to eat (if he was uncertain about food in restaurants etc) we were going to send him with some instant noodle type foods (add water), and also some snack pots that you heat in the microwave. I'm guessing the ones with just tomato/cheese sauce will be ok through customs, but some of these have either beef powder, beef or pork as ingredients. Does anyone know whether they would be ok through customs?
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Re: Taking pre-packaged food into Japan 2015/9/28 20:16
The best of my knowledge anything which isn't "fresh" should be fine, but I'm not an expert.
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Re: Taking pre-packaged food into Japan 2015/9/30 11:55
I don't know what country your son is from, but my experience (and I have travelled into and out of Japan many many times, as well as live there) has been the Japanese customs and agriculture are nowhere near as fussy as New Zealand or Australia, who are incredibly strict on food especially meat. There is a sign near the luggage conveyor belt in the arrivals lounge at Narita saying no meat products, but I have never had my bags opened and inspected.
I honestly think it depends on what country you are traveling from and what passport you are carrying. I have taken NZ beef jerky in numerous times. As far as noodles I wouldn't think you would have any problem... its dehydrated flavourings. Is your son travelling in a group? I maybe shouldn't say this but if you are from a country with export standard packaging facilities, I cannot see him having any problems., if the noodles are packaged in your home country. I wouldn't declare. If you feel he must declare then just put down "Instant noodle"don't differentiate the various tastes.
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Re: Taking pre-packaged food into Japan 2015/10/4 17:50
dried instant noodles sealed in bag should be ok as i always carry em and at times got inspected.
as of beef powder/grinded, i think it should be ok if its sealed (i cant recall if i ever brought sealed dried beef to japan). i however unsure if stuff using aluminium cans pose an issue.
*I also do not have problem with cereals that is sealed in the foil(?)like sealed packaging.

*my diet needs to be halal, so i had some restriction on beef/chicken myself

i hope you and him has gone thru some japanese foods to have an idea which one should be best avoided
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Re: Taking pre-packaged food into Japan 2015/10/5 12:54
The general rule from my experience is that most food, unless you are bringing in something weird or illegal, is not an issue as long as it is commercially packaged, as opposed to bringing in items from home. For example, canned beef is no problem. Deli meat, which is not commercially packaged, or home-made stew will not be allowed.

This should help...


As an aside, a friend of mine managed to bring in home-made cabbage rolls that were vacuum packed.
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