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Does umeshu contain sulfites? 2015/9/28 21:46
I have a friend who cannot drink whine (or champagne) because sulfites give her severe migrains. I was wondering if anyone knew whether umeshu contains sulfites?
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Re: Does umeshu contain sulfites? 2015/9/29 11:07
No contain Ume-shu
as drink "antioxidant/oxidation inhibitor"[酸化防止剤/sanka-boushi-zai].
"sulfites" is 亜硫酸塩/a-ryusan-en in JP.

But seems some another food(not drink) using
as bleaching agent/whitener[漂白剤/hyohaku-zai]
ドライフルーツ Dry fruit
甘納豆 Ama natto : sugared red beans
エビ/海老 ebi : shrimp
干瓢 kanpyo : dried gourd shavings.
蓮根 renkon : lotus root.
栗 kuri : chestnut
あんぽ柿 anpo-gaki/kaki : partially-dried Japanese persimmon... and more.

But basically most store and restaurant's staff don't know
about 酸化防止剤,亜硫酸塩 and 漂白剤 are what is
and which one contain or not if asked by Japanese.
(use Google translate)

So find at label "酸化防止剤" as kanji letter maybe fastest like this.
This sample is canned boil crab.
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Re: Does umeshu contain sulfites? 2015/9/29 11:46
It depends on the brand, but most do contain sulfites (often just vaguely labeled as "anti-oxidizing agents" ), especially the cheaper brands.
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Re: Does umeshu contain sulfites? 2015/9/29 17:51
Actually, there are bottled wine that does not contain sulfites. They are usually available at/through "natural food" stores, in other words organic food stores. Same thing with umeshu and other alcoholic beverages.
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