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gymnastics for adults in osaka 2015/9/30 13:23
Hello everyone, could someone please tell me of a place i can practice gymnastics? Any schools for adults? So far i have only been able to find kids classes. Thanks in advance for your help!
by gaijin111  

Re: gymnastics for adults in osaka 2015/10/12 18:48
Dear gaijin111,

Please allow my suddenly touch to you.
Well I have seen your question on Japan guide to seek for the gymnastic class for adults in the Osaka. And I'm not living in the Osaka, but tried to check it on Japanese Yahoo for you. And there are 2 gymnastic clubs that has class for adults. The one is "Namba gymnastic club: http://www.nambagym.jp/class.html " and the another one is "Hagoromo gymnastic club: http://hagoromogym.jp/ ". So do you know the "Pop up circus co. ltd."? It is very famed circus in the Osaka "http://www.pop-circus.co.jp/ ". I think they know something about the class.

Meanwhile, I'm not related in the gymnastics, but also have great interest in the field, so am seeking for friends who is fluent in acrobatic movement such as tumbling, parkour, hand walking, and etc. So I'd be glad if you could tell me the way to seek for them in Japan. Or could you be friend with me? Many thanks.

Good luck! And I'll help you anytime if you could help above.

Yasuhisa Iwasaki
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