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Is vegetables expensive in Sapporo? 2015/10/2 20:17
I am vegetarian and I plan to study in Japan at least two years, probably in Sapporo. Anyone knows if vegetables is expensive in sapporo ( probably need to cook my own food ) and if it is really difficult to be vegetarian in Sapporo? I know it is difficult to be vegetarian in Japan, but I heard it is a little easier to be in Tokyo but what about sapporo?
by elinli  

Re: Is vegetables expensive in Sapporo? 2015/10/3 22:50
Yes, it's going to be so expensive you'll need to sell your kidneys to buy some cabbage. :D

Don't worry, if you're going to cook your own meals, buy local seasonal products and use mainly Japanese ingredients and less imported food, you will live reasonably well.

As for eating outside or buying packaged food, just beware of hidden ingredients like fish/prawn/seafood base for the soup..or pork/chicken/beef extract or powder in snacks/chips etc.

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